6 Signs Your Org Charts Need Help Now!

Company org charts are useful in several ways, from helping with organizational planning and onboarding new hires to teaching employees who’s who in the organization. However, despite the benefits of keeping an up-to-date org chart, many companies either utilize one that’s outdated and inaccurate—or they have no org chart at all! If this sounds familiar, your company org chart may be overdue for an overhaul.

Here are six signs that your org charts need help.

1. They’re Static and Outdated

Static org charts are a thing of the past. Often built in presentation software like PowerPoint, static org charts lack the ability to make real-time updates. As a result, these org charts have to be updated manually on a regular basis in order to stay current. Because of the time-consuming nature of updating them, static org charts often contain inaccurate employee information that hasn’t been updated for some time, and to make things worse, your employees recognize that org charts aren’t up-to-date and can’t be relied on to find the right information. The solution? Live org charts are highly interactive, fun to use, and can easily be updated in real time.

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2. You Can’t Contact Coworkers

Another major problem with static org charts is that they typically contain no employee contact info or way of finding specific people within the organization. Instead, static org charts often include only a person’s name and job title. This requires employees to look up a person’s contact information and reach out to them manually. On the flip side, live org chart software allows you to click on the name or photo of the person that you’re trying to reach and contact them directly from the org chart.

3. They Contain Only Basic Details

Org charts built in programs like PowerPoint simply don’t have room to fit a ton of employee details. On these static org charts, you typically can’t find information beyond an employee’s name and job title. With integrated org chart software, you can add as much specific information as you like to an employee’s profile—from the projects they’re working on to their personal interests and hobbies.

4. There Are No Security Features

Who currently has access to your company org chart? If you regularly print it out or share your org chart via email, then there is a good chance that it’s already been shared externally without the proper security controls. Using live org chart technology enables companies to share org charts with employees easily, in a way that is both secure and confidential.

5. You Can’t Access Them Easily

If your org chart is stored in an email as an attachment, then there’s a good chance that employees don’t have an easy way to find out who’s who and who does what in the organization. In contrast, you can easily access live org charts while you’re on the go, straight from an app on your phone. This feature offers employees instant access to an updated version of the company org chart at all times, increasing efficiency and changing the way your team gets work done.

6. They Aren’t Easy To Share

Many companies limit the sharing of org charts to executive level presentations or printouts that specific people can access. Live org chart software makes it easy to share org charts directly with team members. It also saves significant back-and-forth time when org charts are being updated and helps employers share future versions during workforce planning.

Company org charts are an essential piece of organizational planning, new employee onboarding, and helping team members build relationships with their coworkers. Revamping your company org chart will kick-start employee engagement and transform how your organization operates.

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