12 Org Chart Software Upgrades Worth Paying For

The right org chart software (with the right features) can be an indispensable resource for your organization. Live org charts increase efficiency, improve the onboarding process, support workforce planning efforts, and enhance company culture. If you’re thinking about investing in org chart software, but you’re hesitant about the cost, we’re here to tell you this: Some upgrades are definitely worth paying for.

Now, we’ll share a few of our favorite org chart software features.

1. Employee directory

Employee directory software is a great way to host all the information about your teams in one place. Employee directories can include photos, bios, contact information, key skills, interests and hobbies, team information, and even custom fields. This offers an easy way for employees to put faces to names, learn fun facts about team members, and locate people within the organization.

2. Interactive org chart

With a fully interactive org chart, you can display your company’s structure and show employees who sits where within the organization. Unlike the static, outdated org charts of the past, live org charts are always up to date, always available, and highly interactive—meaning employees can control what they see and how it’s displayed.

3. Mobile apps

In today’s digital world, people expect almost everything to be mobile-friendly—and that includes your company org chart. Org chart software with mobile app options is exactly what you need to stay connected to your team’s information from wherever you are.

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4. Automatic data updates

You need access to the most up-to-date HR and IT data that’s available—and who has time to make manual updates? By integrating your org chart solution with your HR and IT systems, you can take advantage of automatic data updates and ensure your org chart is always kept current.

5. Advanced search

One of the best live org chart features is the ability to search across several attributes all at once. For example, you might want to search for a graphic designer at your company but also want to specify that the individual knows how to use a certain design software program. The advanced search functionality empowers employees to find and collaborate with team members—without needing to spend hours tracking people down.

6. Gamification

Today, an increasing number of companies are embracing gamification. With live org chart software that has gamification capabilities, you can provide employees with a fun, interactive way to learn names and faces. (At Pingboard, we have a Who’s Who flash-card game add-on!)

7. Multiple org charts

Your company has more than one team—which is exactly why you need a system with the ability to create more than one org chart. Collaborating on hiring plans is also much easier with the ability to create private versions of org charts that are still in the works.

8. Dotted-line reporting

With dotted-line reporting, you can easily represent complex or secondary relationships on your org chart. For example, on your org chart, you can showcase all of the employees who work underneath a specific executive—even when there’s a layer (or two) of middle management between them.

9. Shared roles

The shared roles feature allows you to indicate positions shared between two people on the company org chart. This makes it easy for people to figure out who has shared responsibilities within the organization.

10. Assistant role

You can add employees as assistants in your org chart with the assistant role feature. This helps you easily signify which assistants support the different leaders and departments within your organization.

11. Workforce planning

Org chart software that has workforce planning features is a lifesaver when you’re planning for a round of hiring. You can show placeholder roles for positions that are going to be filled soon, organize people by department and office location, and develop multiple versions of private org charts to assist you with workforce planning.

12. Out-of-office tracking

Out-of-office tracking allows you to track time off by sharing status updates from your phone. When team members enter time off, you can automatically keep everyone in the loop with smart notifications.

Live org chart software might require an initial investment, but it’s one that’s well worth it. With a wide array of features and capabilities at your disposal, you can make the most of your org chart software—and reap many organizational rewards as a result.

All that said, choosing the right org chart software can be tricky business. If you need help finding the best solution to meet your organizational goals, we’ve got you covered. Download our free Vendor Comparison Chart to learn the available options and key capabilities of each solution.

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