Use Cases

Create Accountability Charts with Pingboard

Give your employees structure and direction with an easily accessible accountability chart. Pingboard combines the power of org chart software with responsibility charting, making it easy for you to see who does what and who reports to who, all in one place.

See how Pingboard can improve employee communication and organizational accountability

Build an Accountability Chart

Build an accountability chart with Pingboard in minutes. Import employee data from your HR system, or build by hand with our simple drag and drop functionality. When Pingboard is integrated with your HR system, updates to your accountability chart are made automatically, saving you time and effort.

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Advanced responsibility charting

Advanced Responsibility Charting

Pingboard enables your employees to search for coworkers by skills or responsibilities. Find employees with particular skills to help you build powerful teams, or simply search for answers about company responsibilities and processes.

Mobile Responsibility Chart

Your accountability chart can be accessible anywhere. Employees can search your entire company for a role or responsibility in Pingboard. Then, since our app syncs with your employees’ phones or tablets, they can easily access coworkers’ email, Slack, and phone numbers on the go.

Mobile responsibility chart