Be a People-First Company

Onboard new employees, connect with coworkers, recognize great work, and help managers lead better to drive employee engagement.

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Disengagement will kill your business

“Pingboard has dramatically increased employee engagement. It’s an indispensable tool for our People team and our employees love using it!”

Elyse Bridges • HR Operations Manager
IOU Financial

Drive Engagement With Our All-In-One Employee Experience Platform

Onboard New Employees

Help your employees start their journey with your company on the right foot using automated onboarding solutions including checklists, new-hire surveys, and an interactive “who’s who” game.


Connect with Coworkers

Encourage your employees to get to know each other on both a professional and personal level with a dynamic org chart, interactive directory, fun employee profiles, and other features that keep your people connected.

Org Chart & Employee Directory

Improve the Manager-Employee Relationship

An employee’s experience is largely affected by the relationship with their manager. Empower managers to better engage with direct reports with automated one-on-one meeting management solutions for productive, outcome-driven meetings.

Manager Tools & Accountability

Celebrate & Recognize Wins

When achievements are celebrated, employees are more likely to give their all and view their work as vital to your company’s success. Publicly applaud great work and employee milestones in a genuine, non-competitive manner so that the actions that get rewarded, get repeated.


Diagnose Disengagement

View insightful analytics to identify gaps in the employee experience, review survey results, and see how your people interact with Pingboard’s features for connection, recognition, and other parts of the employee experience.

People Insights

Deliver a better employee experience & drive engagement